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Monday, January 30, 2006

Lights out! 

I just wanted to add to Mike's post that the show in Oakville was a lot of fun. I was sick and barely had a voice which meant that I slapped my butt a lot more than usual. Trevor pointed out the correlation. Thanks, Trevor. This was our third and final show with The Great Canadian Comedy Company and they did another fine job. We'll miss them as we travel the land on our own. Mike could have used one or two of them to keep warm in his car when it stopped working.

On Saturday we went to Hunstville for a show at the new Algonquin Theatre. It is a beautiful from what we saw. Unfortunately there was a power outage in downtown Huntsville on Saturday. The theatre had half power and then no power. It couldn't get fixed in time so they had to postpone the show. Watch this space and our regular site for the re-scheduled date. It was a bummer for sure but we'll be back and brightly lit before too long.

Next show is in Calgary for the kick off of the Paint the Town Beige Tour. See you soon.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

To the Rescue Part 2 

So it’s 6 am and I’m driving from Renfrew to Oakville. For those of you who are blissfully unaware of Ontario geography; the road is not direct. The early part of the drive is also unpopulated. My car stops. It doesn’t seem to want to start again. It’s 6 am and minus 21 degrees and cell phones don’t work and I’m out of coffee and life suddenly sucks a great deal. Fortunately, someone is just getting home and I wave at them before they go to bed, use their phone and call CAA.

Mike’s travel tip.

When calling CAA from a remote rural area where there are few roads, be very specific where you are. The dispatcher is probably a minimum wage employee who lives in Ohio.

1 hour later and I’m still in my car. Did I mention that it was minus 21? The lady whose phone I used comes by and asks if I’d like a coffee. Answer: Yes. I call CAA again and they inform me that the truck is on the way.

1 hour later and I’m in my car. Did I mention that it was minus 21? It is now minus 21 inside the car as well. I walk to the nearby restaurant (1.5 miles away) and call the CAA again. The tow truck couldn’t find me. I’m in Griffith, ON. Find it on mapquest. It is not an urban area. I very very specifically tell the dispatcher where I am. Rather than saying I’m on Highway 41 south at Griffith, I say I’M ON HIGHWAY 41 SOUTH AT GRIFFITH! The tow truck is there in 5 minutes. He’s been looking for me in nearby towns. Somehow the message was passed on that I was near Griffith on highway 65.

Thanks to CAA for giving me something to rant about. We had a show last night in Oakville and I can remember little about it. Hope everyone had a swell time.

The path to fame and fortune 

We need to get Oprah to be mad at us. Maybe she can become indignant that there are factual geographical errors in The Last Saskatchewan Pirate.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Curling, Markham, Belleville 

Life as an Arrogant Worm is pretty great. We get to travel around the world and sing dorky songs and get paid. If that's not cool enough, every once in a while an extra special gig comes up. One of those gigs was on Thursday. We played at a curling bonspiel. Last summer we played at gig in Ontario's cottage country and played in a golf tournament called the Peter Gzowski Invitational. Mr. Gzowski started the show and the tournament to raise money for Frontier College who are involved in literacy programs across the country. A worthy cause if there ever was one. To raise money in the winter, Frontier College holds a curling bonspiel in Toronto and we were asked to sing a couple of songs and were invited to curl. We jumped at the chance. It rocked. Pun intended. The curling was very fun but uses a different muscle group in the upper leg area. I'm just saying. My team actually won the whole thing but it certainly wasn't because of my rock throwing. The skip for our first game was Olympic Silver Medalist Mike Harris. I got to sweep for Mike Harris. Those of you who know curling will know that that is a big deal. And we got fed and only had to sing two songs. It was awesome.

On Friday we hit the big stage at the Markham Theatre. Joining on this gig and a few others was The Great Canadian Comedy Company. They are a newly formed comedy troupe that was created after the Second City touring company was dissolved. New name, same funny. They did a great set and worked the crowd up real good. Then we came out and finished them off. Markham seemed pleased to know that they were the unofficial release show for our new album BEIGE. They were the first to be able to get it. The excited was palpable.

Then it was Belleville on Saturday night. A homecoming for Trevor as Belleville was where he spent his puberty years. His junior high school is now a strip mall. That's progress. The GCCC once again did a great set for a fantastic crowd of about 500. We had a lot of fun with them. They were ready to rock and rock we did.

And now it's Sunday. The election is tomorrow. I'm delivering the album to Maple Music so they can start filling the orders and sending it out on Thursday. Our distributor in Vancouver has received the album and they are sending it to stores starting tomorrow as well. We have to do the radio mailout and then the Paint the Town Beige tour will start before we know it. Are you ready for BEIGE? Because BEIGE is ready for you!!

Quinte Rules! 

A Belleville homecoming for Trevor and whenever there were lulls in the show we or the audience yelled "Quinte Rules". Quinte Rules is a form of football where the ball is replaced by a beer keg.

The Empire Theatre is an old theatre that has not been a theatre for many years. Fortunately, it has been magnificently resurrected by Mark Rashotte, real estate broker and guitarist. Best of all, they are doing not only a great job of restoring the theatre, but making sure that the theatre is used. Right on. With the Grand Theatre in Kingston presently closed, the Empire has suddenly become the top theatre in the area.

Trevor says it used to be a bike shop.

Quinte Rules!

Friday, January 20, 2006

To the Rescue! 

Markham, ON

So we're finished the show and I'm packing guitars in the car when someone calls to me. "Uh, oh someone's going to ask me directions. Or ask me for money. Or talk to me." My fear is palpable. It's Markham and Steven Harper has told me that there's too much crime. "Do you have booster cables? We left the seat heaters on."

Note to Americans. In Canada it is really cold so it's nice to have heated seats. It was 6 degrees out.

Note to Canadians. It was Markham and it was 6 degrees Celcius.

Fortunately, I was packing. Cables that is. Deftly attaching red to red and black to the other one the car was started in no time.

So if you're worried about coming to an Arrogant Worms show and not getting home; fear not. We provide many extra services.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Our new album is called Beige. Only the title is drab. The album rocks. 15 new sonic deliveries from your Arrogant Worms. The pre-sale has begun at Maple Music. You can follow this link http://www.maplemusic.com/product.asp?dept%5Fid=1201&pf%5Fid=1200%2D69&lang=EN

Go and get yourself some yummy Beige goodness. The pre-orders will be shipped on January 26th and then the album will be in stores by the first week of February, we hope. We will also be doing the first leg of our Western Canadian Beige tour in February with stops in Calgary, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Saskatoon, Regina, Mission and Kamloops. Check out www.arrogant-worms.com for info on those shows.

This is album number 11. We can't believe it either. We are so excited to be finally sharing all our work with all of you. It's taken a while to get this puppy out and we hope you think it's worth the wait. We sure do.


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