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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Laundry or Not 

So the real quandry when packing and touring is when to do laundry. I was faced with a decision. 3 days left, I was down to 2 shirts and 1 underwear - but after that I'll be home with my own laundry machine. Laziness won out and I rinsed out a couple of things and hung them on a chair outside my hotel room.

ROCK and ROll!

To the person who sits beside me on the plane ride home; I apologize. I will shower.

Last night all the boys checked out the casino after the show. Hopefully we're not walking home.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Okay, so I've fallen behind Chris in the blogation sweepstakes. At least we're equal when it comes to roll up the rims.

So yesterday was a stupid day. As the official travel booker, I feel badly. We drove from Surrey to the CBC studios at 4:30 am to be on "Sounds Like Canada". Then we dropped off some CDs at our distributor hoping to rid ourselves of them. We over packed or as Chris has been saying on stage "We either over packed or under performed". This was sucessful, so we went back to our hotel in Surrey. Then packed up the car to drive to Penticton. Via Kelowna airport which means one drives through Kelowna which is a long, sausage shaped city. Then switched cars and drove to Penticton. Then still had a soundcheck a show and then since the hotel had a casino we had to try and double our money. No, we went to bed.


At one time, all of the travel made sense. I may have been a little tipsy at this time.

Show seemed to go well. I don't remember much. Probably for the best.

Monday, March 06, 2006

One Horse Town 

Courtney, BC

So it was a show on Oscar night which meant a lot of people had to remember how to use their VCRs or risk missing either our show or the Oscars and who could forgive themselves that? We're talking Oscars on stage just after we had sang our "conjoined Twins" song and think that given the success of a gay cowboy movie, the next will be a conjoined cowboy movie and this would be the theme song! The title of the movie? "One Horse Town." Funny. It's a day later and I'm still splitting my kidneys open laughing at that one. One Horse Town.

Many people retire on Vancouver island which is good because more than any other region in Canada our fan base here seems to be really young. Thus, we can retire here and still have an audience that is just reaching working age. Certainly bodes well for a bright future for this band.

Great dinner last night. Having great food does not necessarily mean a great show; however it's always nice to have a great dinner. "Atlas"

When in Courtney, the Arrogant Worms dine at Atlas!

Our last show with Ben Sures. He'll have to sing his 3 songs somewhere else now. He sold 6 shirts last night. That's 2 shirts per song which I think is a stellar ratio. Well done Ben.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Off and Limping! 

Squamish, BC

First time stopping in Squamish which is on the way from Vancouver to Whistler. Trevor described it as the site of the "Olympic Drive By Competition." Funny.

Off and Limping. Not the show of course, it was pretty good. By limping I refer to our injury list. Chris has a mysterious pain in his foot which was diagnosed by by our crack team of musicians and teachers as either "faciatis", "Deep vein Thrombosis", "hurt foot" OR "Chris whining again". I'm sure he will elaborate on the debilitating effects of his foot. My friend Roger leads a running club in Squamish. I don't think Chris will be attending.

I am presently fighting a case of strep throat for which I began penicillin on Monday. Although I feel like crap and the throat is very sore, I haven't lost my voice so for now. No doubt it has been affected but when one starts with as mediocre a singing voice as I have, the difference is negligible.

Fortunately we have an off day today to try and recover from the rigours of one day of touring. Life on the road.

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