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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Album and new merch stuff 

We will be hearing a mix of the album very soon. We can't wait. The artwork is underway. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Also we have some new items in our MapleMusic store. A couple new caps and toques and we've reinstated the holiday bundle deals. Check us out at www.maplemusic.com/artists/awo/default.asp

Now get back to work!

Monday, November 07, 2005


A fine night last Friday in Perth, Ontario. We learned that people from Perth call themselves Pertherts. I guess it's better than Pertherinos. We've come a long way in Perth since our first show there in 1996. We were playing to a crowd that wasn't ready for us and we had a number of walk-outs. The only thing worse than a walk-out is someone who hates it and STAYS. They usually sit in the front with their hands over their ears and a scowl on their face. It's really inspiring to look at from the stage.

Friday night was awesome though. The theatre was sold out and nobody covered their ears or walked out. We had to kick them out at the end. Many thanks to Carolyn and her entire crew for a very fun show. Beaucoup de laughs.

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