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Friday, March 25, 2005

Chatham, Ontario 

Chatham is a talkative town. With Chat in the name, it was inevitable. This was the chattiest crowd we've had in a while. If only the chatter made sense. The non-sequitors were flying like crazy on Thursday night. That's nothing new but usually the weird comments are coming from the stage and not the audience. "I like your glasses!" You may have noticed that none of us wear glasses. Hmmm. A fun show though. The crowd was ready and fun. The 80s hair metal band Great White was also playing in Chatham on the same night but we're pretty sure that we didn't lose too many audience members to that show. Great White probably get people shouting odd things too but it's not likely about glasses. Hope Great White had as much fun in Chatham as we did!

That thing that Trevor and I are doing on April 1st should be lots of fun. We will be playing with our pal Mike Ford. Mike did a few shows with us last summer. He's our cool friend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A few new tour dates 

Our website was just updated with a whack of new tour dates. The April tour is all up there now and the summer is really starting to fill in. Hope to see you somewhere out there. Check out www.arrogant-worms.com/dates.htm

Now go to sleep.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Port Hope and Nepean 

Friday night in Port Hope. That’s right. Humdinger. The good people of Port Hope have hosted us a few times over the years and they never fail to make us feel at home. The crowd was a lot of fun and was bursting with Scouts and Venturers. A troop from Pickering came out to the show. They had been teaching Canada’s Really Big to their counterparts in troops from around the world. So they asked us to play that one. It was our Scout’s honour! Oh I’m funny.

Saturday night was a rocker at Centrepointe in Nepean. The good folks of The Ottawa Folk Festival have presented us many many times over the years and it just keeps on growing. Special thanks to Chris White for doing a very funny opening set. Chris is the artistic director of the festival and a fine singer and wordsmith to boot. We forgot to thank Chris at the end of our show because we’re dumb. Thank you, Chris.

Saturday was also Mike’s birthday and he wasn’t shy about mentioning it. We also celebrated the new holiday, Fiber Day. Hopefully it will be a regular thing. Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate both momentous occasions.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

There's no place like Showplace 

We finally played Peterborough on Saturday night. It only took 14 years. I'm pleased to report that it was worth the wait. We had a great time. Our good pal Denis Grignon opened the show with some hilarious stand-up to prime the audience. Denis lives in the area so his local references killed. Many cracks at nearby Lindsay. I used to live in Fenelon Falls but we escaped unscathed.

The audience was big and a great many of them knew our stuff fairly well. Of course we still got a few requests for The War of 1812, but what can you do? That's NOT our song by the way. Kudos to Mike McCormick for continuing his streak of selecting outstanding audience members to shout WATER in Rocks and Trees. His picks on the BC tour were very good but the dude who did it Peterborough was really feeling it. Bravo.

I had a really hard time with the microphone in Log in to You. There was an extra clip holding the chord to the stand. I had never seen this type of clip before. Luckily there were no rock injuries. Other highlights were constant references to Pong and Trevor's concept of the New Amish. Their technology stops at Pong. I thought it was hilarious.

Anyhow, it was a fun night with lots of friends and family in attendance. We're happy to report that we'll be back in Peterborough on July 6th for The Festival of Lights. We're told that there will be fireworks. Giddy up to that! Now Peterborough won't be able to get rid of us!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Even more BC Tour 

Thursday night was Saltspring Island. Saltspring is home to many artists, writers and musicians and on Thursday it was home to us. Our Victoria promoter Matt did the show on Saltspring and did a great job getting people to come out. We had a very fun crowd there who Mike tried to engage in a conversation about logging exports. Trevor and I let them chat. We had a great meal at Calvin’s. It is a fantastic restaurant that very kindly sponsored the show. Eat at Calvin’s. The food is wicked and the service is entertaining. I’m sure we’ll be back to Saltspring before too long.

Friday began with a leisurely morning as we made our way to yet another ferry. We had to go back to Victoria and then do a U-turn at the terminal to get in line for the ferry to Pender Island. Then we waited for a good long while until it was time to sail away to Pender. We were well taken care of on Pender Island. Patrick and Angela and their whole crew are very kind and go above and beyond to make us comfortable. And they packed the school gym with 300 people and a lot of baked goods. How can we go wrong? We even got a take-away plate of goodies so we could teach Tim about ditch food. He’s a convert to ditch food now.

Saturday was Saturna Island and the penultimate show of the tour. We got to Saturna in plenty of time and had the afternoon to relax with our fine billets. I took a wee walk on the coastline and visited with some seals that were swimming and bobbing along. They are quite adorable creatures. Apparently sea lions, otters and whales are also regularly spotted off Saturna but it was a pretty foggy drizzly day. BC weather is back. The sunshine was off-putting for so many days! Saturna is very small in terms of population with about 300 permanent residents. There were about 100 at the show – a fine Saturn-out indeed! I’m funny. Tim was especially charming tonight and sang one of his songs from his album of Newcastle United songs. Wor Jackie made us very happy. There was a piano on the stage and Mike tickled the ivories for A Man Has Needs and I Am Not American. He’s the new Liberace.

And Sunday was the big tour wrap up on Mayne Island. We were treated to an absolutely fantastic lunch and great company to eat with in a beautiful home on the island. Mike and Trevor played a bit of basketball while I opted for sitting on my butt. Tim had a nap and someone injured his neck. I never knew napping could be so dangerous. The show was at the Agricultural Hall and it was filled right up. The lights were pretty much on in the audience so we could see every single one of them. Luckily, they seemed to enjoy it. The Mayne-iacs were a great audience for Tim and for us. They didn’t seem too worried about missing The Academy Awards.

The flight back home was a bit delayed but not too much. The only drag was landing in a snowstorm in Toronto. We had had such great weather in BC and then came back to winter. Good times. The Westjet flight had satellite TV at every seat so we could catch up on all the Oscar highlights and lowlights. Million Dollar Baby Got Back! No one used that headline. Whatever.

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