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Monday, January 31, 2005

Batavia, Ohio 

Never travel with Mike McCormick. He has the worst luck. Mike decided to fly to Cincinnati while Trevor and I drove down. He should have driven with us. His first flight was cancelled because of a mechanical problem. His later flight was late getting into Detroit where he had to connect to Cincinnati. He made the flight but his baggage didn't. His baggage included his guitar. Trevor and I, having arrived hours earlier, had to find him a guitar to play in the show. We had a lot of help from some very fantastic people. Lisa at UC Clermont was cool as a cucumber - much more cool than a promoter with only two thirds of a band and no guitar should be. Lisa rules. She called the local music store to see if we could borrow a guitar for the show. Our new best friend Scott Carnder at Willis Music helped us out and saved our show. Thank you thank you thank you. The show was a lot of fun and Mike had a lot to say about a certain airline. Trevor and I didn't get to talk much. That's okay. We enjoyed Mike's rambling about luggage. His bags finally showed up at the hotel at 5am, just before he left to go to the airport for his flight home. Never travel with Mike McCormick.

Friday, January 28, 2005

a couple links before Ohio 

We are heading to Ohio shortly. Here's an article about us in a Cincinatti paper.

We also got an email from someone who blogs with another service and has joined an Arrogant Worms community. It is here. Our very own community. Imagine the tax breaks!

Post-Ohio post coming soon.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Winter Wallop 

Canada has not cornered the market on crap weather. Illinois and Indiana are doing just fine in that department. We have driven through bad weather before in our illustrious career and this was right up there with some of the worst. Nothing like watching the car in front spin around many times and hit a guard rail. We were able to stop in time and not hit the guy but our hearts were certainly pounding. He was fine and no further damage was caused. Two minutes later, folks weren't so lucky. A huge truck was jack-knifed across all lanes of I-65 and stayed that way for about 90 minutes. There were plenty of emergency vehicles on the scene but at least 60 of those minutes were spent discussing the situation. Many experts from the long line of cars offered their opinions as well. Everyone had an answer but the solution took a while. There was also a car and a police car involved but again no one was hurt. Thank goodness.

But we had a nice time. On Thursday night we played a fun show in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It's a TV talk show called Night Shift and it's taped at Snickerz Comedy Club. Right now, it's only aired locally. It was very fun. Nice folks there.

On Friday we woke up really early and hit the snowy roads for Grayslake, Illinois. Grayslake is north of Chicago and almost to Wisconsin. We had a great show there. Special props to the crew at the theatre there. They were awesome. As were the plough people who helped our audience dig out of the snow so they could get home. We even stayed at a hotel across from a giant mall. Good times at the mall.

Saturday was what the Weather Channel called The Winter Wallop. Our driving trip is described above. We had to get from Grayslake to New Albany, Indiana which is very close to Louisville, Kentucky. The storm was nice enough to only stay above our car all the way. However, we got there in three pieces and did two shows. I think we were still a little rattled from the drive at the first show as we got there about 40 minutes before it started. If there were incoherent moments, sorry about that. By that I mean, above and beyond the normal incoherent moments when we are well rested and haven't just almost died on a highway. Thanks to the New Albanians for two fun shows. And thanks to folks who drove great distances to join us. We weren't the only ones who came from far and wide. That means a lot to us.

Sunday was another early morning drive to the airport in Indianapolis. The flight back to Toronto via Chicago was uneventful unlike Wednesday when the wildcat strike by Air Canada baggage workers forced Mike to drive from Ottawa instead of fly. Good times. However, we are all home safe and sound and looking forward to adventures in Ohio this weekend.

Word up, over and out.

Monday, January 17, 2005


We're back from the frigid cold of Whitehorse, Yukon. When I say frigid I mean minus 45 degrees celsius. Actually, at that temperature celsius and fahrenheit meet up and are the same number. I was worried that it might go low enough for Kelvin. It was cold. Our trip there and back was fairly brutal thanks to delayed or cancelled flights but lets focus on our time in Whitehorse. It was great. And cold also. Did I mention that already?

We arrived on Thursday evening (a day late) and went right to the venue for our soundcheck. Had it been two degrees colder, then plane couldn't have landed. Even the locals thought it was cold. There was ice fog. It smelled like a dry ice machine at a rock show. The whole city was like the stage at a KISS concert. Awesome. One of the backstage crew boiled a cup of water to throw in the air outside. There had been a report on CBC radio that if you do that, it makes a cool cloud and a whooshing noise if the air is cold enough. The air was cold enough. CBC is great for that kind of information. Thanks to them for that.

The show was a lot of fun. The show was sold out but there were some empty seats presumably because cars wouldn't start. Most people just left their cars running during the show so they wouldn't freeze. The audience was a lot of fun and very patient as we ranted about airlines and talked about how cold it was. We pulled out a couple of nuggets from the past in Tokyo Love Song and Having Fun is Bad for You. We've been dipping into the back catalogue to see if we remember the old songs. So far so good.

Since our morning flight the next day was cancelled we got a day in Whitehorse to hang around before we left in the evening. We were mostly indoors but I ventured out a couple of times for very short walks. I walked around by the river and then hightailed it back to the hotel to watch the weather channel and find out how stupid I was. I was stupid.

We eventually made it back to balmy Ontario. When we were gone, it was plus 15 degrees in some places in Ontario. It was back to minus 15 by the time we returned. Good times. Good times.

Right you are, Ken.

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