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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hugh's Room 

We played at Hugh's Room in Toronto on December 11th. We did two shows and are now finally recovered enough to write about it. Actually, just lazy. The matinee show was crazy fun and was hailed as THE BIGGEST LUNCH EVER by the staff at Hugh's Room. We've never won many things but this felt like winning something. There have been other lunches, but they haven't been as big as this one. We did some Christmas stuff, some new stuff and some old stuff. It was fun and festive. The crowd was rockin' for a Sunday afternoon. Some bands rock until the sun comes up but we preferred to rock until it went down.

Then we had a wee break and did it all again for a new audience at night. There were some loud folks there who encouraged a lot of dancing from the three of us. I know! Normally I'm the only one who really gets my groove on but you haven't lived until you've seen Mike and Trevor churn the butter. It was well churned. A very fun night complete with partying cows. Um, what?

Opening both shows were our dear friends Paul and Storm. www.paulandstorm.com We met them last year in Boston, although we've known of them for a while. They came up to Canada and had the full experience with us. They stayed at Trevor's house and even had Canadian Bacon on a Bun from a truck. That's red carpet treatment. Paul and Storm did great sets and made a lot of new fans. They owe us now.

Our album is finished and it will be available to you, the people, in late January. We like it. We're pretty sure you'll like it too. No guarantees of course, but you may chuckle once or twice. Seriously.

And that wraps another year in Wormland. As years go, it has certainly been one. We hope you all are well. If you celebrate Christmas then have a Merry Christmas. If you don't, don't.

Peace out on earth.

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