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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Old Songs, new songs and Dogs 

Back from a fun weekend in America. Our third visit to the Old Songs Festival near Albany was fantastic. It was hotter than heck all weekend and we thought we may melt a couple times. Not sure of our accrued weight loss for the weekend but we sure did sweat a lot. Much of the sweat was caused by debuting new songs. Always a bit nerve racking. We put a pile out there for the judgement of the people - Moderately Funny Idea, Hernia Belt, Edna and Ida, Me Song, Mime Abduction. The good people of Old Songs are great listeners and we knew we'd have a fair and balanced audience. Overall, the new stuff went over very well. We got laughs in the spots where we were expecting them and in a few other spots too. That's always a nice bonus. One of the best features of Old Songs is a guy named Jake who does sign language interpreting for all of the mainstage sets. He made us laugh a lot a couple years ago as he tried to interpret the Gaelic Song into sign language. It didn't work so he just swayed in time to the music. As you can imagine, I Pulled My Groin went over fairly well this weekend. One never knows how repetitive a song is until you see it in sign language. The sign is pretty much what you think it is. Thanks, Jake! We also learned how to sign dork and Arrogant Worms. It was a very fun weekend. Thanks to everyone.

We had Monday off so we slowly made our way to Connecticut from Albany. The show in Ridgefield was Tuesday but our wonderful host and presenter graciously let us stay at her home for both days. Not only is she and her family really really nice but they also have 7 dogs. We were constantly entertained by Theo, Buddy, Mopsie, Joey, Echo, Sniffy and Sprite. All the dogs are big and silly and full of love. We did this gig last year but it was forced to go indoors because of rain. The weather almost forced us inside again but an afternoon break was all we needed to set up outside. It was a great night with a fun large fun crowd in the park. The local animal shelter had a show and tell of three dogs who were looking for homes. We're pretty sure they will find new people to love them very soon. We were tempted to take them all home with us but we would have been over our duty free limit. Hurray for Ridgefield. Can't wait to go back.

We have this weekend off and then the rest of July is nuts. No more vacations. Time to work. See you soon.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Summer is here 

Tomorrow is the first day of summer. Giddy up to that. Me likey. Summer good. Our festival season kicks off this weekend with Old Songs near Albany, NY. We've been there before and we're excited to return with (ironically) a bunch of new songs. Hmmmm. Sometimes I make myself think. Gotta watch that.

Since Hamilton, we've done a couple fun things. We played at a fun event for literacy in Ontario's cottage country. Peter Gzowski started the event 20 years ago and we were so happy to be asked to do the show. Mike and I even played in the golf tournament the following day. Trevor sat on the patio with the other non-golfers and judged people. His main sticking point was about the height of one's socks when they are golfing in shorts. It was fun for all.

On the 11th we played a gig for a Scout troop reunion in Waterloo, ON. It was their 50th year and we were the entertainment. We didn't get any badges or girl guide cookies but we did get T-shirts.

We also went to the studio and played our new songs for our producer Andy. We delighted and horrified him all at the same time. He's uh.... excited about the new album. No, he is. We can't wait to start recording later in the summer and into the fall. The new songs are going over well when we play them for you. Hopefully that will continue.

Still haven't seen anything by us on Canadian Idol. I guess they changed their mind. (singular)

What else? That's mostly it actually. Big thanks to all of our fine friends who make movies and animations and drawings and websites. We're trying to get them all on our main website so everyone can see. Keep checking out www.arrogant-worms.com to see all the great stuff we get from you. And thank you again for your hard work. We're honoured.

See you out there.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Hammer 

It's the day after the show in Hamilton. When we don't do a show for a while, we think we're pretty funny. We don't know if we were funny last night but we were certainly loose. But not as loose as the crowd. It was a rockin' crowd last night and we just tried to keep up. We put a couple brand new songs out there and remembering the lyrics proved to be a little tough. Just before the show, I was going over lyrics to songs we have done for 10 years or more so remembering brand new ones would be even tougher because they don't have a place in our brains yet. The audience was more than accomodating for our screw-ups and actually seemed to revel in them. The crowd was packed with family and friends which at times can make us more nervous because we know that we'll be hearing about our mistakes for years to come! Of course by the end of the show, it seemed like everyone was a member of our big bizarre family. For some reason mud wrestling and Blossom were big themes last night. It's Mike's hometown so there you go.

Also in the crowd was a group of folks from Cayuga who made a short movie based on Carrot Juice is Murder. There's really no way for you to see it, but take my word for it that it's awesome. One of them recently auditioned for Canadian Idol and sang a few of our songs. He wore his audition number card on his chest. Nice.

As for Canadian Idol, I didn't see any Pirate song this week but it didn't seem like they showed an awful lot of auditions. It's still possible that it comes up later in the season so I guess I'm hooked in to watch the whole thing.

So we're officially back on the horse. Touring begins again. New songs will be debuted, judged and edited. Sunburns will occur. Maps will be used. Maps will be lost. Worms will be lost.


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