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Thursday, February 24, 2005

More BC tour 

Sunday February 20th was the night for Denman Island. We had only been to Denman on our way to Hornby Island a number of years ago and it was nice to stop. The community hall was packed to the rafters with a great crowd. Some folks even made signs. One of them was for Me Like Hockey but we could only make out Me Like from the stage. We took that as a review of the songs. We were pleased that they like. We stayed in a fantastic B and B called Hawthorn House. Thanks to the humans and cats there for making us feel so much at home.

Monday was our day off and we spent it in Nanaimo. We kinda just did laundry and watched TV. My gosh, our lives are exciting.

Tuesday was our show on Quadra Island. We had been to Quadra once before a number of years ago but it was rainy and foggy and we couldn’t see anything. The weather this time around was great though and the views were stunning. We stayed at a great B and B called Harbour House and our host Susan took great care of us. I needed extra care because my newly acquired cold had really kicked in during the show and there was snot everywhere. The show itself was a lot of fun. We had some kids sitting on mats at the front of the stage and they just kinda looked at us with judgmental eyes. We were pretty sure they were having fun but it was odd having those little faces peering up at us. Thanks to everyone at Quadra for everything from a great dinner, good rest, great sound and lights and a fun show. We’re looking forward to coming back soon.

Wednesday was Victoria. We always have a fun and loud show in Victoria and it was no different on this night. Our friend Tim Readman has joined us for the remaining shows on the tour. He did a great set and charmed the big audience at the Goolden. We love having Tim along because he keeps us entertained. Always nice to have someone new in the van to teach us new words from his native northeast England. We invented a new rock band at the show last night. We came up with Rock Nozzle in Salmon Arm and tonight it was Snot Faucet, a Dutch rock band. If anyone wants to use these names, just let us know.
Oh some cool news. Apparently someone auditioned for Canadian Idol with the Pirate song. We don’t when it will be on the air but we’ll let you know when we find out. It will likely be during the early shows in the series so tune in and listen if you can stomach some of the bad singers.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

BC Tour - Salmon Arm, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver 

The BC tour has begun and it kicked off with a bang in Salmon Arm on Wednesday night. The good folks of Salmon Arm have always been very kind to us and they were no different this time. The theatre was packed and the place was rockin’. Since it was the first show in the new time zone, we were especially dorky with ramblings on truckers, botox and Rock Nozzle. They are a German rock group we invented. We thought it was hilarious.

Thursday night in Maple Ridge was another fun one. The theatre there is about two years old and is really really nice. The crew is tops and the audience was LOUD. It was a rock show. We let everyone know how funny we were in Salmon Arm when the same jokes didn’t work as well in Maple Ridge. That was the running theme of the night. That and the price of gas in Maple Ridge compared to Mission. More than ten cents per litre can be saved in Mission. For our American readers ten cents per litre converts to … oh gosh I don’t know. I was never good at math.

Friday night was the first of two shows in North Vancouver at Capilano College. We have been doing shows here every year for about four years now. That’s a lot of return invitations. Doesn’t happen all that often and we’re certainly grateful to Fiona from Cap College and Steve from The Rogue Folk Club for bringing us in year after year. Friday marked the debut of a new song and a guest appearance on the stage. For the second half of the show we were joined on the stage by a plastic penguin. He/she just kinda stared at us. After The Monkey Song a couple folks dashed to the stage and adorned the penguin with a monkey hat. A new beast had been created – The Monkguin. The science community was reeling as we had formed the perfect animal. It could swing from icebergs. Again, we thought this was funny. To learn more about the penguin and it’s adventures, visit this website.

Well no Monkguin on Saturday night but somehow we prevailed. The crowd was cooking with gas (cheap gas from Mission) and the show was a lot of fun. We pulled out a couple of classic tunes from Russell’s Shorts that we haven’t performed in a long time. We did Killer Robots from Venus and Losing Hair Under God. During Carrot Juice is Murder, I used to hold up a lighter on the last chorus and often a couple audience members would join in. Last night, folks in the audience held up cell phones, indiglo watches, Blackberries and even Nintendo personal video game thingies. One guy had a lighter. Times have changed!

So now we’re finished on the mainland and we’re off to the ferry today for a bunch of island hopping. We’re looking forward to it even though Trevor forgot to bring his Frisbee for passing time in ferry lines. Gosh, I hope we don’t have to talk to each other.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Sounds Like Canada 

Tune into Sounds Like Canada on Friday February 11th to hear us celebrate our Canadian Flag in song. Here is the website for more info. Not sure what time we'll be on. You can listen online too if you don't have CBC radio available to you. Unfortunately it will just be Trevor and Chris but if you like it, feel free to email the show and let them know that The Arrogant Worms should be on more often. Don't tell them we said that. You thought of it all on your own. Yes you did.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ditch Food 

When we were driving in the crazy weather a few weeks ago we came up with the concept of ditch food. We thought it would be smart to have food in the car that we could munch on while we were stuck in a ditch during a snow storm. The name was more fun than the concept. Just say it: ditch food. Now say it with funny accents. It's really fun.

We had a very fun show in Oswego, NY on Saturday night. The place was packed and the audience was rockin'. We were so well taken care of by the fine folks who run the concert series. We've never had so much dessert. They insisted we take some for the hotel and for the car ride the next day. We were pleased to have some yummy sweet ditch food. Luckily, we didn't spend any time in the ditch but the pie sure was delicious. We scarfed it down on the way to Bethlehem where we had a fun show at an art gallery. It was an afternoon and the gallery's ceiling was like one big skylight. It was a beautiful day so the room was very very bright. The audience could not hide for Rippy the Gator. We had fun with the phrase botannical fantacies as that was the exhibit in the gallery. It's no ditch food, but it's still pretty fun to say.

And we didn't get nominated for a Juno. We submitted to three categories. We're really really happy for all the nominees. No, really.

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