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Monday, November 22, 2004

Orangeville, ON 

Orangeville rules. It's bursting with vitamin C goodness. We had a great time there on Saturday night. The SPCA got a portion of the ticket price which we hope made for some happy and healthy animals. The Undesirables did an absolutely fantastic set before we hit the stage. Check them out when you can. The Orangevillians certainly were enthusiastic. Always funny for us to hear people applaud and cheer when we start a song. Makes us feel like rock gods. And Mike and I got to do a raffle. Merci Ville d'Orange.

We have a bit of time off the road until we head down to Daytona for a couple of shows. Then after that we have two Christmas shows at Hugh's Room in Toronto. We're excited for those shows, because our bud Mike Ford will be doing a set at both shows and then joining us and fiddle-rific Anne Lindsay in the big Worms Christmas Band. We're especially excited that there is a matinee in the afternoon that kids can come to as well. All the info is at www.hughsroom.com. After that it's the over-indulgence of the Christmas season. Bring on the Christmas cookies.

Until later,

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Here's that snow you ordered 

Back from the Maritime tour of snow and rough seas. We had much fun at the shows but the crazy weather in Nova Scotia sure made the thing an adventure. The first shows in Halifax and New Glasgow were total charmers and then the weather started. The snowstorm was supposed to be at its worst around Annapolis Royal. Well, that's where we were going. We drove slowly but we made it and bless the folks in Annapolis that made it too. It was a very good house considering the roads were such a mess. Our drive the next day was only about 25 kms to Digby and the ferry dock. I have to admit, once we found the grooves on the unplowed highway it was more like a luge run than anything else. We made it to the ferry on time for the three hour crossing to Saint John, NB. Jumpin' jehosifats it was winding out there on the water. The waves were enormous and the ship was up and down and side to side. So was my stomach. I haven't been that close to vomiting since, well, it's been a while. Luckily the gift shop opened just in time to sell me some overpriced Gravol. Yum. We made it to Saint John for a show at The Gothic Arches, an old church. Very cool building. We stayed at a great B and B called A Tanners Home Inn and were spoiled rotten. We like that. The final show of the tour was back in Nova Scotia so it meant a return ride on the ferry. Much calmer this time. No illnesses. We did our final show in Liverpool to a fun little crowd. Many people in Nova Scotia were still without power when we left Halifax this morning. We can't thank the hearty souls enough for coming out to the shows. The weather was cruel but the people, as always, were great. Thanks for rolling out the white carpet.

Also check out these links for a couple of talented musicians who played with us on a couple of shows - www.stevenbowers.com and www.adamcooke.com

Next stop Orangeville.

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