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Monday, May 17, 2004

Just waking up 

Oh hello. We've been sleeping for the last couple of months. We woke up a couple of times to do a couple shows. Trevor and I did three songs (including She Bangs) at a fundraiser for ArtsCanCircle, an organization that promotes music in Northern communities. That was fun. Trevor has a bit of the William Hung dance fever in him. He was winded to say the least. We also just got back from a fun show in Purchase, NY. It's just outside of NYC. Lots of fun in the PepsiCo theatre named after founding father Giovanni Pepsico. We do our research.

We have a show in Ottawa on Saturday and then a few more show in June and then it's the summer festival season. Hurray. Festivals are fun because we get to hear music that isn't ours. And it's good music too. Whodathunkit?

So that's it for now. Not much of a blog but it's good to give one's head a shake from time to time. G'night.

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