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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Bethlehem, PA Musikfest 

Arrogant Worms, your mission is to entertain the people of Bethlehem, PA. How will you do it? Will you juggle? No. Will you read minds? No. Will you ride an elephant and play the clarinet? No. You will recruit Mike Ford and David Matheson from Moxy Fruvous and assemble a supergroup to end all supergroups. Arrogant Worms with Moxy will rock the good people at Musikfest not once but twice. And that’s exactly what happened.

Talk about anticipation. We were so excited for this gig. Even the drive down was fun and we never have fun when we drive. Chris, Trevor, Mike and Dave hit the open road on Wednesday after a rehearsal and we were on our way to rock history. A night at the very frightening Alpine Motel in Stroudsberg, PA didn’t deter us from having a good time. Mike Ford has an uncanny ability to create They Might Be Giants songs on the spot. It’s very impressive. Just fill in some health information and household appliances. Mix well and let rise. As fun as the drive was, it was the shows that really rocked my world.

We did two shows. We decided to have the same setlist for both shows to keep it simple for our guests. We knew that the shows would be different even if we did the same songs. Let me just say that Mike and Dave are fantastic musicians and can roll with anything. It was so great to have them doing these shows with us. We’ve always admired their musical brains and to get the chance to poke at said brains was great. We did all Worms all the time except we gave our pals two songs each in both shows. They both did solo stuff that are on their albums. We did lots from Toast. Dave’s accordion added so much to the Hot Dog song and Mike’s version of Wolfe Island Ferry was just as manic and random as the original. We had a lot of fun bantering with them on the stage too. It really keeps Trevor and I on our toes. Mike is a wild card to be sure and Dave is one of the coolest dudes around. The Fruvous fans who came out to the shows were certainly excited to see Mike and Dave. Many thanks to Musikfest and Godfrey Daniels for making the show happen. Many great memories. Strudel and polka music didn't hurt either. Hope those who were there had fun too.

Sci Fi Convention Aug 6/04 

Let’s get ourselves a Mike Ford and go to Calgary. It’s time for the Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. We’d been looking forward to this show for a long time. It was great fun. Many thanks to everyone involved. We were so well treated and everyone was so appreciative. Mike Ford more than ably filled in for our Mike and many in the crowd were excited to see a member of Moxy Fruvous on the stage. So excited that they cried out for Fruvous songs. Mike informed them that the other members of his band were in jail and that the songs couldn’t be sung according to Alberta law. Anyhow, the show of Arrogant Worms songs rocked nonetheless. The conference was jam-packed with events and we were so grateful to be invited to be part of it. Well done, Sci Fi-ers!

Monday, August 02, 2004

The Deep - August 1st 

Deep River. The Deep to the locals. This was our second time at the Summerfest in The Deep. We played there a few years ago and had a rocking good time. History was repeated as the rocking good time occurred once again. This time it was louder though because Sloan closed out the show. They are one of my favourite bands so it was very cool to be on a bill with them. I even got up enough courage to get two of them (Chris and Jay) to sign my copy of One Chord to Another. I was pretty nervous as I often am around rockstars. We had a really fun set which was followed by a rockin’ bluesy set by Paul James and then Sloan capped it all off with a good long set of all the hits. Wicked. Our producer and pal Andy Thompson played keys with us for our concert. Always nice to have Andy there. Our big jump at the end of the Pirate song provided a bit too much motion on the stage because one of Andy’s keyboard toys took a flyer to the floor. We think it was unharmed. Rock and roll destruction! Dig it.

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