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Monday, April 05, 2004

Kingston Homecoming 

Kingston, Ontario. Home of The Wolfe Island Ferry, Sarah Harmer, the Canadian Idol and The Arrogant Worms. It was good to be home. We did a show at the Grand Theatre on Saturday night and the audience was outstanding. Nice work, everyone. We even had a group of ladies of a certain age who made their own Stalker Girl t-shirts. Very nice. Thank you.

Then the next night was the Juno Awards. Edmonton and Kingston are not really close to each other … which is fine because we weren’t invited to the Junos anyway. Whatever. Congrats to our friends David Francey and Connie Kaldor who won awards. We’ll have to ask them what that’s like. Sniffle sniffle. But they didn’t have dinner at the Brew Pub in Kingston on Saturday night so I guess we’re the big winners of the weekend. Yummy chicken wings.

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